Swiss Bullion Corporation AG

Swiss Bullion Corporation AG founded in 2012 designs, produces and distributes precious metal coins and round ingots. Our products are conceived and produced combining the historical precious metals role and attraction, with innovative technological developments, making our coins unique.

This is strengthened by our search for excellence in terms of design, precious metals quality and production, aiming to enhance their attractiveness in terms of investment return and numismatic collector interest. « Swiss Made » for the entire process.

In our search for ultimate security and our fight against forgery, we have researched extensively into the development of a unique digital authentication and certification architecture for precious metals coins, with an emphasis on gold. This architecture consists of a combination of technologies that makes each of our coins truly unique, easily identifiable and irreproducible. On our coins, we engrave an aztek code containing its series number and a « url » link to its digital authentication certificate.

Switzerland is recognized as one of the world’s most important centers for the exchange and transformation of precious metals. It is also home to watch making ‘manufacture’, a Swiss tradition, whereby local watchmaker call upon the expertise of the best possible artisans in each area of specialization, in order to assemble the finest timepieces. It is along these lines that Swiss Bullion Corp follows this practice, by bringing together the competencies of a trustworthy refiner, the research and development expertise of an exceptional team of security engineers and the art of a specialized and talented graphic artist, to produce a most qualitative, attractive and secure bullion coin or ingot. This unique combination that allies time-honoured practices and traditions, with technological innovation and a modern approach to art.


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