Exhibitors & Attendees 2016

Exhibitors & Attendees

Austrian Mint AG Austria R 31, 32
Autoriti Monetari Brunei Darussalam Brunei L 22
China Great Wall Coins Investments Limited China L 06
Korea Pugang Coins Corp. Democratic People’s Republic of Korea M 4
Monnaie De Paris France M 3
Royal Thai Mint, Thailand Thailand L 08
Shanghai Jinyuan Culture Development Co., Ltd. China M 1
The Holy Land Mint Israel L 27
The Singapore Mint Singapore M 11, R 35
Ah Heng Singapore D 16
A World Currency USA C 04
Baha Banknotes And Coins (BBC) Singapore C 12
Baird And Co. Singapore R 02
B.Tan Singapore W 5
Carbone World Marketing Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia L 09
cgb.fr France B 05
Charlie Brown Collections USA F 06
China Coins Agency 中国金币代理有限公司 Singapore D 05
China Jia Long Trading Singapore D 01
CMC Grading Taiwan L 03
Coin In Coin 广银阁 China B 06
Coin Kingdom, LLC USA D 11
Crown Colony Collections Singapore E 05
Dai Keng Trading Pte. Ltd. Singapore A 07
D’ Duchess Collection Singapore W 8
DK. Bullion Singapore L 10
Eccles Coins & Banknotes New Zealand W 7
e-$tore Singapore B 08
Emerging Market Group USA C 05
EMK – Coins & Precious Metals Germany L 21
Eur-Seree Collecting Co., Ltd. Thailand C 02
Fang Zheng Trading Singapore E 01
Funan Stamp & Coin Agency Singapore A 10
G E Goh Stamp & Currency Enterprise Singapore E 07, 08, 09
Han Dynasty Coin & Antiquities Singapore W 11
Henry Hirose Japan C 08
Heritage Auctions Hong Kong C 07
Hess Divo AG, Zürich Zürich, Switzerland F 02
H.M Art Gallery Pte. Ltd. Singapore B 12
Ho Collections Singapore D 02, 03
House of Coins Germany L 26
Joe Chan Old Banknote Collection Singapore E 06
John Bertrand (Collectables) Limited New Zealand W 14
Join-Holdings Singapore A 09
Khoo Collections Enterprise Malaysia W 4
Kosendo Co., Ltd. 古仙堂 Japan W 3
Lindner Falzlos-GmbH Germany L 04
Ling Wei Zhen Trading Singapore E 12
Marcel Häberling Numismatik Switzerland L 01
Memoria Collection Singapore C 10, 11
Meng Gu Tang Singapore C 06
Midwest Numismatics & Gold, Inc. USA F 05
Monedas Angel Mexico F 12
Monetarium (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. Singapore C 01
Myntkompaniet Sweden D 10
Nam Chong Coin USA F 06
New Century Coins & Notes Hong Kong W 2
NGC / NCS / PMG – Mavin International Pte. Ltd. USA / Singapore M 2
NumisCollect Netherlands B 03
Pacifica Trading Company USA C 03
Panda America USA / Singapore PA 78
PCGS Hong Kong L 05
PCGS Currency USA R 37
Paper Collection Restoration & Protection China M 5
(中泉修复 PCRP)
Pelita Segar Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia B 01
Peter Last USA F 12
Poongsan Hwadong Co., Ltd. South Korea D 04
Power Coin South Korea F 11
PureGold.Sg Pte. Ltd. Singapore M 15
Robin Levinson Antiques & Collectables Australia E 11
Schulman B. V. Auctions Amsterdam Netherlands B 10
Shop NGAN-THAO Vietnam B 09
Silver Reserve Of The Moon, Australia Australia L 23, 24, 25 L 28, 29, 30
Sincona AG, Zürich Switzerland L 01
Spink (Asia) Pte. Ltd. Singapore C 09
Stack’s Bowers And Ponterio China A 01
Taisei Coins Corporation Japan D 04
The Coin And Currency Exchange Canada W 12
Trevor Wilkin Banknotes Australia A 11
U.S. Agency Malaysia D 09
Wee Banknote Singapore A 06
William Ng Collections Singapore W 1
Winston’s Collections Singapore W 6
W•I Numismatic Collectors Zürich, Switzerland F 01
World Quality Coins USA B 07
11 Coins Co., Ltd. 一一钱币 China B 02
1Silver1 Pte. Ltd. Singapore M 12, 13
北京公博古钱币鉴定公司 China A 12
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